Pamora School of the Arcane

Pamora is one of the original 4 schools of Arcane Magic in Europe. It is currently the only one still accepting students. The other buildings still stand, but are sealed. 

Lakmiaria School for the Gifted in Italy, Zimia Academy in Spain, and Karnath Institute for the Arcane in Germany. 

Pamora School of the Arcane defied the decree of Queen Elizabeth directly, continuing to issue Letters of Invitation to potential students. The English government has attempted to shut down the school multiple times, and have failed due to the tenacity of the students and their professors.  

Sitting atop Snaefell, the peak of the mountain on The Isle of Man, the school is incredibly heavily warded. Students first arriving need their letter to pass the wards. After that, they receive a pendant to allow them into the school. Those without the letter or pendant cannot even see the school. They approach the school grounds, forget why they are there, and turn back. 

Pamora School of the Arcane

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