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Having had grown up in 1800's Europe, Magic was always a part of life for even the most mundane of people. 

In 1838, one year after Queen Victoria takes the throne, The Omega Event takes place. This event has historians baffled, constantly speculating as to its origins.

20th of June, 1838. 8:00 in the morning. A huge, dark creature rises from the ashes of an explosion in the Houses of Parliament. It walks through Central London, killing many and leaving chaos in its wake. 

The Magicians of London, in all of their magical prowess, failed to stop this creature. The Queen herself, a witch of incredible proportions, sealed the creature away far below the reaches of the London Underground. 

In the wake of this incident, the Queen began a full investigation of how this incident came about. However, the results of this investigation were never released to the public. A decree was issued that banned all magic from England, and very soon most other countries in Europe followed. These countries also banned travel into the ones that still allow the practice of the arcane arts. 

You have lived in England your entire life, and have quickly learned that with the ban of magic, the Mundane (common folk who cannot practice magic) rose up and began persecuting Magicians who could no longer defend themselves. Practicing magic in public could not only get you arrested, but killed depending on who is around. 


Main Page

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